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Take control and feel free to get lost, or find yourself. It doesn't matter where and when. Your Montana XR5 takes you, just like that.


Macbor Montana XR5, Macbor’s first 500 Twin-cylinder Trail Motorcycle. Lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and versatile. If you're looking for more excitement, more adventure and more fun, the Montana XR5 is made for you!

This “Trail Adventure” motorcycle is Macbor’s first twin-cylinder model with half cylinder displacement (500) and is designed for adventurers who enjoy driving on two wheels, whether on- or off-road. The XR5 is very easy to drive and stands out for its high-quality equipment. The Montana XR5 is designed for motorists with an A2 driving licence. Don't wait any longer, try it now. You'll love driving it and the adventures that you will share.


6 999,00€ Běžná cena
6 199,00€Cena po slevě
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